Connect Locally! Enjoy our city like a local!

At Luang Prabang Inn Hotel, we recognize the privileges and responsibilities of being part of the community and are committed to celebrating local culture and supporting the domestic economy. Operating sustainability inspires and drives us to better serve our guests, develop our teams and plan for the future. These long-term goals are as important to us as creating memorable travel experiences for each of our guests.


City Bicycle Tours

How green is your ride? Gear up for an eco-friendly bike ride.

An informative, unique way to explore the UNESCO World Heritage city and surrounds. You'll be filled in on local info past & present, with plenty of laughs along the way. 

Alms Giving Ceremony


Each morning, starting at around 05:30, saffron-robed monks and novices emerge onto the streets with their alms bowls (‘bat’). Awaiting them are Lao people who have already taken the time to prepare sticky rice and other foods; they will place a portion in the bowl of each monk who passes by. The ceremony is undertaken in complete silence. you will also notice small children kneeling with baskets in the hope that the monks will share some of their alms with them so that they can take food back to their family. 

Elephant Nursery


Meet the elephant... at home! The elephant conservation center is a place where you can get up close with elephants in their traditional natural environment. Their mission is to take elephants out of the logging industry and offering them a safe haven to rest, feed and breed. The center will give you a taste of Laos you will never forget.

Ock Pop Tok


The living craft center that created by women, run by women, for the women of Laos. This center offers free tours and a wide range of paid classes in silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing and bamboo weaving. With master weavers and experienced teachers, you can try your own hand at traditional crafts and discover the artisan community. history and ethnic groups

Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden


Pha Tad Ke is the first botanical garden in Laos, created to be a regional research center with the first living collection of the flora of Laos. At the garden, there are educational programs for all age groups while conducting research into plant reintroduction, medicinal plants to address critical problems ranging from the management of local natural resources. Enjoy a 15 minute boat ride from the downtown to discover the rich flora of Loas and learn how Lao People use plants for their everyday life and wellbeing.

Laos Cuisine Cooking Class


One of the best things about Luang Prabang is the amazing cuisine – fresh fish, fragrant fruits, hearty stews. Join a fun traditional cooking class and learn the secrets of the local cuisine to take home to your family and friends.